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evan dean
As always had flawless customer service and excellent work done on my 2017 street glide special. I had new tires both front and back done. Wouldnt take my bike anywhere else for maintenance!!
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Thom Moriarty
This was indeed a milestone!!! And, truth be told, it was an expensive one; HOWEVER, my 2006 FXSTDI runs as well as the day it rolled off of the assembly line in York, PA. Yes, it does. And I give Southside Harley-Davidson and its maintenance techs credit for that. They have maintained my bike since I bought it there (used). When I am riding, it beings me great comfort to know that I can trust my bike to perform at its best. and I have never had a problem with it. Not once in the almost 12,000 miles we have been together has it ever let me down. And that is why when it is time for parts, service, and factory-prescribed maintenance, I bring my bike to Southside Harley-Davidson because I know it will be done right and that my bike is going to perform with maximum reliability and safety when we are on the road together. And that is worth every penny for the peace of mind it brings. Thanks Cody for doing a great job on this 50,000 mile maintenance!!!!! (Employee: Cody Smith)
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Justin Sasser
Joe and Travis in the parts department are top notch with years of experience , you always get what you need with these guys ! (Employee: Joe Long, Travis Robertson)
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Paul Lacy
Joe is always very helpful. (Employee: Joe Long)
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Michael Westermann
Just had a 5k service for my Heritage. Received full support from the entire service staff and could wait for the service being done. All in time as pre-planned and everyone was very friendly. Thanks for the excellent job.
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Orlando Martinez
Mr. Headden is alway willing to help out no matter the issues that may arise. Very knowledgeable and helpful! Thanks Hardy! (Employee: Hardy Headden)
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Robert Sadoff
South side Harley Davidson is our Only supplier for m/c gear * Consistent Quality products * Hospitality/Respect/Knowledge I Never Got his name, Last Year he explained efficiently The facts of heated gloves, ever since that purchase, We Trust Him, Knowing that He has quality products from least expensive to top end , recent helmet purchase proves that, plain and simple I got exactly what I wanted Thanks to the staff member in accessories his must be put on this Somehow
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Joe and Liz Yontz
I cant tell you how wonderful our experience at Southside HD has always been. From the moment we walk in the door we are greeted, even when others are being served. Acknowledgement goes a long way towards great customer service. It seems as though we are always being treated as royalty. No pressuring, no hassle buying, I cant say enough about the people at Southside. And to prove it we have sent over a dozen clients to Southside and they all feel the same. Keep doing what you are doing, dont change! (Employee: Jeff "Frenchie" Martin, Joe Scharl, Travis Robertson, Tyler Graham, Joe Long)
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Gary Pennington
Travis is knowledgeable and very helpful when I have come in to find and buy parts. Always has a smile on his face. (Employee: Travis Robertson)
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Bob Wager
What a great team at southside! They put up with me wandering in and out for 2 months, drooling all over this bike, until I was finally able to pull the trigger. (Employee: Jeff "Frenchie" Martin)