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Thomas Moriarty
As my bike approaches the 50,000 mile mark, maintenance is more important than ever. That is why when it comes to maintenance and service, the only place I take my bike is to Southside Harley-Davidson and because of that, my 2006 FXSTDI runs like brand new. And if I ever have an issue where I need parts, I know I can count on Joe to make sure I get what I need and that it will fit my bike. Southside has earned my trust when it comes to the service and maintenance of my Harley-Davidson. (Employee: Chris Chandler, Joe Long)
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James Acker
Travis helped me find what I was looking for, made sure I had everything I needed, and did it without being pushy, which is rare these days. Keep up the good work! (Employee: Travis Robertson)
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Richard Rucka
Great service
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Matthew Kressley
Always great to deal with and always makes sure I leave with the right parts for my bike, only place local that I will buy parts from. (Employee: Travis Robertson)
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Domingo Sales
Hardy is always ready to help you with whatever apparels and accessories you might need. Always friendly and willing to listen to the customer. (Employee: Hardy Headden)
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Dennis Bielinski
These guys tried their damndest to get me what I wanted. All I wanted was to little white pointer on my Tach and Speedo. I think that if it were ion their power (as SSHD employees) they would have. For that I say Thank You (Employee: Alex Prodigalidad, Cory Hurd, Joe Long)
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Thomas Dolan
The Best (Employee: Joe Long)
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Rob Holman
Best feeling that I have ever experienced when buying anything! These guys are rock stars! Will is also great! (Employee: Jeff "Frenchie" Martin, Peter Popov, Tyler Graham, Travis Robertson)
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Paul Lacy
Overall, great Salesman. (Employee: Michael Lupino)
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John Sheldon
Just picked up my bike and I could not be happier. Many thanks to Joe Long and his expert advice, Steve Crews who did the tuning. My Trike runs great with the upgrade. It ran great before, but now it's even better. Never thought a Stage 1 could upgrade the power and exhaust note as much as it did. Thank you all. Special shout out to Reid Thomas who always has a smile and a kind word (Employee: Joe Long, Steve Crews, Reid Thomas)